Vegas Knight Hawks Unveil Playing Surface - The Dollar Loan Center
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Vegas Knight Hawks Unveil Playing Surface

HENDERSON, NV – The Vegas Knight Hawks unveiled the playing surface at The Dollar Loan Center on February 17, a black and red design with a huge Knight Hawks logo that stretches to the 16-yard lines on each side of midfield.

General Manager and Head Coach Mike Davis was in attendance for the unveiling, which coincided with an open house for Vegas Knight Hawks season-ticket members. The Knight Hawks will begin their first Indoor Football League (IFL) season at The Dollar Loan Center on Friday, March 18, against the Northern Arizona Wranglers.

“It’s really impressive to see the whole field laid out, especially in this beautiful new arena,” Davis said. “The logo really pops off the turf. This is going to be a home field we will be proud to defend.”

The IFL field is 50 yards long plus two end zones that are each 8 yards deep.

Each end zone is red, with the “Vegas Knight Hawks” wordmark in gold and white. Black, high-density foam padding surrounds the field, protecting the participants from the hockey dasher boards.