Modern Medieval - The Dollar Loan Center
Modern Medieval

The use of the Modern Medieval theme throughout The Dollar Loan Center sets the venue apart and strengthens the bond to the home tenant Henderson Silver Knights and Vegas Knight Hawks. The Modern Medieval theme celebrates the role of the Knight as the protector of the community and provides an immersive experience for all guests and ticket holders.

The theme is consistent in every aspect of the arena, both visually and in nomenclature.

A castle adorns one end of The Valley Health Royal Landing – or suite level – much like the castle found at T-Mobile Arena. Staff at The Dollar Loan Center wear Modern Medieval themed uniforms, bearing the crest of the Henderson Silver Knights or Vegas Knight Hawks for those games.

In naming, the Modern Medieval theme will be evident at every turn. Guests will find the main entrance to the building at the end of the Tiltyard – or outdoor plaza – which is named after the spaces where jousting took place. Once inside, fans might use the hoists (elevators) to get to their chambers (suite) or the King’s and Queen’s Lookouts (triangle-shaped spaces high above the ice that are also borrowed from T-Mobile Arena).


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modern medieval glossary

Barracks – Club seating (Castle Barracks are #108-110; Royal Barracks are #119-120)

Sam & Ash Battlement – Outdoor Balcony

Chambers – Suites

Hoists – Elevators

King’s and Queen’s Lookouts – Premium Level Triangles

Podiums – Loge

Throne Room – Bathrooms

Tiltyard – Outdoor Plaza

The Valley Health System Royal Landing – Suite Level

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