Henderson Silver Knights Logo Dollar Loan Center in Henderson


What is the Dollar Loan Center?

The Dollar Loan Center is an enclosed 6,000-seat multi-purpose venue that is proposed to replace the Henderson Pavilion.

What is the City’s plan regarding security?

Dollar Loan Center is located immediately adjacent to the Henderson West Police Station on Green Valley Parkway.  As was the case with current programming at the Pavilion, there would be security staff at the venue for all events, and the volume of security would be scaled to the size of the events.

Why was this location chosen?

The Dollar Loan Center will replace the Henderson Pavilion with a significantly upgraded and improved facility that can be used year-round. The location, just south of the 215 Beltway on the east side of So. Green Valley Parkway, is easily accessible from all regions of Henderson and the valley via the Beltway. It complements the already robust retail offerings at The District at Green Valley Ranch, one of Henderson’s key dining, shopping and entertainment destinations surrounded by neighborhoods whose residents are frequent patrons of all the area’s amenities.

What kinds of events would be held at the Dollar Loan Center?

The Dollar Loan Center would be designed to accommodate a variety of events year-round, including but not limited to festivals, concerts and performing arts productions, high school and higher education graduations and events, community and civic events, and sporting events of all kinds, including minor league professional hockey.

The anchor tenant will be the American Hockey League team owned by an affiliate of the Vegas Golden Knights. The team would make Henderson its hometown, playing approximately 34 home games per year, at the Dollar Loan Center. An anchor tenant significantly advances the City’s goal of improving entertainment opportunities for the community and better meets the original goals of the Pavilion.

How is the Dollar Loan Center different from the facility being built in downtown Henderson?

The new AHL team will train and house its operations at Lifeguard Arena, a new community facility already under construction in historic downtown Henderson. Lifeguard Arena is similar in design and function to City National Arena in Summerlin, where the Vegas Golden Knights train and are headquartered.

The Dollar Loan Center, which would build upon the growing partnership between Henderson and the Vegas Golden Knights, is where the team would play all its home games – approximately 34 per year. The AHL model offers family-friendly pricing while still delivering on all the excitement of professional hockey.