3 Favorite Things: Zak Krill - The Dollar Loan Center
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3 Favorite Things: Zak Krill

As we celebrate the opening of The Dollar Loan Center, we will check in with various arena stakeholders to hear their three favorite features in the building. The Dollar Loan Center has no shortage of elements that make it unique – from the broadest ideas like its location to the smallest details like building signage.

Zak Krill has taken the vast majority of photographs on this web site – including the shot above – and has tracked the progress at The Dollar Loan Center throughout its 18-month construction. As the  photographer for the Henderson Silver Knights and Vegas Knight Hawks – in addition to working with the Vegas Golden Knights – he has an eye for details and as much knowledge of the arena as anyone. Here are the three things he appreciates most in The Dollar Loan Center.

1. All in the Details

“The designed walls with Silver Knights and Knight Hawks themes are probably my favorite thing. They really give some character to the place. Before those got installed is just felt like any other building, whereas now it feels like it’s truly our home. “

2. Mini T-Mobile

“Because we’ve been at T-Mobile Arena for five years, it has a homey, comfortable feeling. We’ve really grown to like that place. Now walking into The Dollar Loan Center, we are able to immediately feel at home. We didn’t feel like we were trying to relearn everything, it was just ready to go.”

3. The Epicenter

“It’s going to be an epicenter for everything in the Valley. It provides a place for both community events and major sporting events. I am excited to see what talent we bring in and how the community will come together. I also cannot wait to see how loud it is going to get in there. It’s going to be rocking day in and day out.”

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